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Our latest property is the culmination of my life’s work. A new concept that I have envisioned over the past few years. After a lot of persistence and patience, mixed with some insanity - my dream is now becoming a reality. 

As I saw radical changes happening in the industries I’ve worked in throughout my career, I realized that the common need for all my clients in the U.S & world-wide is not only a private place to be inspired, but a private compound for modern day content creation. We will shoot, produce, edit and develop authentic imagery in a multi-siloed facility with the most talented professionals in the industry.

We will create content - both moving and still pictures - within a new paradigm. We are making content more cost effective by eliminating many layers of waste. The design conception, creative evolution, and production process will be executed more efficiently. A compound of indoor and outdoor spaces that is rooted in the original Hollywood studio tradition.

356 S Mission Road is an amazing 32,000 square foot property. The space will have complete on-site services & amenities, state of the art technology & equipment, all surrounded by the finest and coolest things in the world. The location also lends itself to many types of events, including an outdoor cinema program, fashion events, art shows, and music series.

Melet Home, Fashion, & Art lives within the compound in addition to all of the new services that will be provided.

We look forward to working with you.


Bob Melet